Estimote Analytics is not displaying pings

hi ,

We are building a retail app using Estimote beacons and iOS. We are successful in configuring the beacons and getting the Indoor map locations to work+ also getting the Entry/Exit notifications.

We also went through all the steps in the ’"

However , we do not see any pings registered in the Analytics page and unable to report.

Appreciate if we could have a working session or detailed instructions to address this issue at the earliest.

Thanks and let us know if there are more questions ,


The Analytics page you’re seeing is our old analytics, slated for removal soon.

Send me a private message with your Estimote Account email and we’ll enable the new analytics for you.

I have emailed with my account email details in a private message to Piotr.

Please do the needful at the earliest as our project is getting delayed due to this.


After the Analytics was turned on for my account , I am able to see extra menu options , however the ping counts are still at 0 even though I had multiple sightings of different beacons on Mar 12, 2016.

Something is not right here and I wish the Estimote team respond sooner …

Hey Piotr ,

Is someone from Estimote going to respond to this query please ?


Have you followed the implementation tutorial?

Make sure that:

  • your beacons are set to custom UUID
  • your beacons have geo-location assigned
  • ranging analytics are enabled in the SDK
  • you’re ranging for your beacons

Something important to also keep in mind: we only count a “visit” when the SDK hasn’t detected any beacons for 2 hours. For example, you go into a store, there’s a beacon at the entrance, and analytics event is sent to Estimote Cloud. You hang around in the store for an hour, then leave, passing by a beacon at the exit, and another event is sent to Cloud. After 2 hours, when no more analytics events were sent from that store for that user, we’ll count that as a single, 1-hour visit.

In development, it’s very easy to never leave the range of a beacon for 2 hours, and then we never count that as a visit.

Thanks ,

Yes we have implemented the steps listed in the tutorial and still not getting the pings .

Per your other email I have sent my email account for which the beacons are registered and would appreciate if you could look at the logs/database levels etc.


Your beacons are actually still set to the default UUID. You need to set them to a custom UUID for analytics to work. It’s the first step in the analytics tutorial (:

Here’s what we have done :

(1) Changed the UUID to a custom one.
(2) App Delegate changes completed + all other steps in the Document completed.

We also started the App and verified a few ‘Entry’ and ‘Exits’ through the application for 2 beacons .

Per your note above , we waited for 2 Hours but it does not show any Analytics.

Could you check the log now and let us know what is required ?

Thanks in advance.