Establishing background connection to Estimote

Is it possible to establish connection to the beacon in the background and retrieve data using Android SDK? Can we also read information from the beacon and store it, if the app is running in the background (phone screen off)?


Please keep in mind that the beacon does not deliver content itself and also does not store any. It only broadcasts its ID, data from accelerometer and temperature sensor and information about signal power (used for proximity measurements). It’s the app, triggered by this signal, that has to perform specific actions (like collecting traffic data for example) and deliver content. It’s explained on our Community Portal.

Referring exactly to your question, it is possible to receive the signal from the beacon when in the background and thanks to Android SDK trigger specific actions on your smartphone.

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…we’ve created an excellent tutorial covering this :smile:

cheers, Florian…

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Hi Florian,

Thanks for sharing! I’ve added this to our list of resources for developers: