EIL Files not found in cocoapod installation Indoor SDK

I’ve installed the indoor sdk through he coocapod installation and I am following the instructions online. However, No “EIL” files are being installed. So the instructions that are asking to bridge these files:

#import “EILIndoorLocationManager.h”
#import “EILIndoorLocationView.h”
#import “EILLocation.h”
#import “EILLocationBuilder.h”

Fails. I have uninstalled and installed it again using this in the Podfie:
pod ‘EstimoteIndoorSDK’

I appreciate any help - I must be missing something…

You’re not missing anything—looks like CocoaPods still have version 1.6 of our Indoor SDK, which used to use “EST” prefixes instead of “EIL”. We’ll update CocoaPods shortly to version 2.0.

In the meantime, you can follow the manual installation instructions. Sorry for the trouble!

Thanks. Any idea when the cocaopod will be updated?

Nevermind…I just ran pod install and its using 2.0.1 now. :grinning: