Indoor Location Error


After installing Estimote's IndoorLocationSDK via cocoa pods, I am getting two errors when connecting a view for the map layout. These errors don't stop the build from completing successfully and the app does not crash. The two errors I am receiving are:

  • Failed to update auto layout status: failed to load designables from path (null) -Failed to render instance of ESTIndoorLocationView : failed to load designables from path (null)

Has anyone ran into this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Matthew -- sorry for late response, let me check that and get back to you ASAP.

Hi Piotr,

I was able to temporarily solve this problem.

Inside the ESTIndoorLocationView.h I removed


This has silenced the error and everything still works as expected.

Thank you for the reply.

Thanks for sharing!

Has anyone found a proper solution for this? Obviously removing the IBDESIGNABLE part will silence these errors, since they only happen when you open a Storyboard/nib that has a custom view inside with IBDESIGNABLE enabled in order to provide Live Rendering.

The issue is that we love the Live Rendering capabilities in Cocoapods from some reason, I would like to still be able to live render the view.

There's a solution for this now, with the latest version of Cocoapods. Take a look here:


Thank you for extending the search for this solution. As well as sharing on StackOverflow.

For anyone stumbling across this question, use iTunes' StackOverflow link for the proper solution.



Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Hi guys,

You seem to be very familiar with our Indoor Location system. Have you heard of our RealityHack Challenge? Check it out here: and don't hesitate to take part!