Eddystone bug inside beacon firmware?

There seems to be a bug in the Location beacon firmware when using Eddystone advertisement packets.
I’m using my beacons in Motion-Only broadcasting.
A lot of times when I pick up a beacon, it first emits a lot of Eddystone-TLM packets before it falls back to normal behavior where it emits Eddystone-UID packets and every 12s an Eddystone-TLM packet.
It seems like there’s an Eddystone-TLM buffer inside the beacon firmware which is not cleared before the broadcasting is switched on.

Hmm, interesting, we’ll check that. One note though: in Location Beacons and the next-gen Proximity Beacons, the Eddystone-TLM is broadcast independently from the other packets, unlike in the old Proximity Beacons where Eddystone-TLM was always broadcast every 12 seconds when UID or URL was enabled. So you can set e.g., the UID packet to be broadcast every 500 ms, and the TLM packet every 2000 ms, etc.

I have the new proximity beacons, but when I configure the beacon to transmit both Eddystone UID and Eddystone TLM packets, the timing of the Eddystone UID packets is quite ok, but the timing of the TLM packets is seriously out of order. I’ve configured the beacon to only broadcast when in motion. The broadcast timing of the UID packets is 300ms and of the TLM packets is 2000ms. But sometimes it takes up to 12 seconds. (Currently I’ve seen 2,4 and 12 seconds in between packets)

I’m shedding some more light on the timing behavior you’ve been observing in this post:

Thanks for the light-shedding! :wink:

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