Simultaneous Eddystone packet transmission

I am working on a project for an event where we need to broadcast 2 URL and 1 ID simultaneously. Preferably Eddystone UID. This is how I want the transmission to happen:

@t=0 -> Eddystone URL1
@t=1sec -> Eddystone UID
@t=2sec -> Eddystone URL2

Wanted to know whether its possible or not and if not, what are the challenge.
If yes, also wanted to know how many such interleaved packet can be transmitted by Estimote beacons.

We don’t do interleaving, our multi-packets are broadcast simultaneously. You can do Eddystone-URL + Eddystone-UID easily, just enable them in the Estimote app. Second Eddystone-URL, you can use one of our custom-packet slots to make it broadcast an additional Eddystone-URL.

Note that multi-packet/custom packets are only supported in Location Beacons, because they have the necessary battery capacity to handle that.

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Thanks. I was going through Location beacon specs and its mentioned over there that it supports 8 simultaneous packets.
Can you elaborate it, how?

I don’t really know how to explain this, we just coded it so that it can broadcast all the protocols we support (there’s 8 of them, hence the number), at the same time (:

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