Do the promixity dev kits use the latest IOS SDK framework?

I have a group of older 3.4 beacons, but they are not detected by the latest iOS SDK framework. We have been using the deprecated SDK, but it is now having issues with our latest app release.

If I purchase a Proximity dev kit, are they guaranteed to use the latest IOS SDK framework? I want to make sure they are not older hardware and will operate with the latest version SDK for IOS. This is very important. I have 25 beacons that are basically junk now.

Also, is there any way to get those overnight so we can continue our progress without a lag?
Thank you.

Yes, the new Proximity SDK is compatible with any post-D3.4 beacons. For overnight shipping, email us to, and put “overnight shipping” in the subject. Best if you place an order first, and include its number in the email.