Display different UUID in Estimote App vs BlueLight App for same device


I’m a newbie and trying to configure new Beacon with environment to test the assets tracking app. I updated UUID from estimote cloud and it display correctly in the cloud site and mobile app but while checking with BlueLight app it display different UUID for same device? Why this happens? Please help me.


Do you mean the LightBlue Explorer app? That app shows the Bluetooth peripheral UUIDs, not iBeacon UUIDs, so no need to worry about the discrepancy.

You’ll probably want to find some other app, that can scan specifically for iBeacons, as opposed to scanning for general Bluetooth peripherals.

Also, note that on iOS, you must know the UUID of the iBeacon in advance in order to be able to detect it. Most iBeacon-scanning apps on the app store include common UUIDs, e.g., Estimote’s default UUID (B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9-25556B57FE6D). But if you’ve customized the iBeacon UUID of your beacons, you’ll need to find an option in the app to add your custom iBeacon UUID to the list.