Difference in settings of Old and New Beacons

Hi Everyone,
I need to ask some questions regarding difference in versions of estimotes in last 2 years.
I have followings beacons:

  • 3, 2 years old estimote beacons (Firmware version: 2.1.0 ; Hardware Version: Unknown)
  • 3 Latest Estimote Proximity Beacons(Firmware version: 4.5.1 ; Hardware Version: G1.8)

I compared the settings of both of these versions, i found a lot of differences. I am facing a problem with the new ones that they stop advertising after some interval if time.
Can someone please tell me that how can I configure the new Estimote Proximity Beacons so that they behave like the older ones?

Hi @muhammad.hamza!

Proximity Beacons has definitely evolved during last 2 years, both from firmware and hardware perspective. In order to configure your new Proximity Beacons, Estimote SDK or Estimote app would be a perfect choice.

Reffered to your question, what kind behavior would like to achieve ? Do you mean scanning particular broadcasting packets ?