iOS - didEnterRegion/didExitRegion get called without location change

In my iOS application, first it triggers the didEnterRegion. Then with out changing the location of the iBeacon it still triggers the didExitRegion after little while. And then again it triggers the didEnterRegion. Like wise it happens. Please help me with this. Thanks.

Hej Minsara—can you let me know your advertising interval settings on the beacon? Too high values can lead to the beacon flickering.


Advertising Interval : 950ms
I found a similar question and in that question estimote member has replied to increase the Broadcasting Power. So i increase the broadcasting power to strong. It also didnt work. P

Could you try decreasing the adv. interval, see if this helps? Two particular values come to mind:

  • 450 ms, to make sure that the beacon's "ping" happens twice during the iOS's 1 second long scan period
  • 300 ms, same, but three pings instead of two

Could you also check if the Distance Demo in our iOS app works correctly for the beacon in question? Though highly unlikely, maybe there's some problem with the beacon's antenna.

Hello everyone
I am experiencing the same issues… I don’t like to decrease the advertising interval too much (battery and stuff…). Is there an expected fix soon for this problem? Or is the only solution to increase advertising intervals?