didEnterRegion fired twice with two beacons

Hello all,
I want to monitor two beacons having the same UUID, so I have created a region without specifying major or minor and started monitoring for it.
When I flip one beacon, didEnterRegion is fired normally, so I immediately flip the second one and another didEnterRegion is fired.
I have read this old post and it says that it should be fired only once, so I can’t understand why I observe this different behaviour.
I have read this other post about multiple Beacon Manager running at the same time, but I’ve defined it only once in my application and when I use just one beacon the application is working as expected.

Could someone explain me if I’m missing something?
Thank you in advance

PS: there are two different apps monitoring the same region at the moment in this device, if it may help

Hmm, if both beacons have the same UUID, then yes, I’d expect a single “didEnter” if you monitor for UUID only. Maybe you still have some “old” regions that your app is monitoring for? (If you don’t stop monitoring, the app will keep at it until you uninstall/re-install it.)

I think you’re right, I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and removed the other demo installed in my device and now it is working as expected.
So, my question is: if there are two different apps monitoring the same regions in the same device, can they influence the expected behaviour each other?


Two different apps, no, I haven’t observed anything like that.

The only (positive) interaction between two apps doing beacon scanning I know of is, if the user goes into one of the apps and it starts doing its foreground ranging, which forces Bluetooth into an active, very responsive scan, the other app’s monitoring will piggyback off that, and its monitoring responsiveness will improve greatly as long as Bluetooth remains in the active scan mode.

Much more clear now!

Thank you very much, you’ve been very helpful