Methods didEnterRegion called multiple times

In my app I am monitoring for 3 beacon regions, specified by UUID, major and minor. The three bacons are configured in a back end to send 3 different messages to my app via a local notification when entering the beacon regions.

The problem I have, is that when i flip a beacon to make it send signals, the method didEnterRegion is called multiple times, and the local notification pops up multiple times.

I call startMonitoringForRegion: in my AppDelegate.m file, in the application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method. Is this the correct place to start monitoring, or will this make the app start several monitorigs for the same beacon?

The didEnter method should only be called once per region. Can you double-check the region identifiers that you get in your didEnter? My hypothesis is, you have registered the same beacon region multiple times under different identifiers, and each of them is firing when you flip the beacon. You can also check the monitoredRegions property of the ESTBeaconManager, or simply uninstall the app and install it again, as this will clear the monitoring list.

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Thanks! The problem was indeed what you suspected. I had registered the same beacon (uuid+major+minor) several times with different identifiers.

I deleted the app, set static identifiers for my beacon monitoring registrations, and I now receive only one notification pr. beacon.

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This helped me a lot too as I was facing the same issue! Thank you!

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