Device needed for tracking indoor with beacons

I would like to know if there is any alternative device to track indoor with beacons, aside from a smartphone. Like a smaller gadget, cheaper that a smartphone, where we can upload an application using beacon sdk to track it.

We need the gadget to to have obviously BLE and WIFI.

What we want to achieve, is give this device to a client in the shop, an be able to track it indoor.


this device (if it exists) has to support Android or iOS…
Otherwise, you couldn’t upload your app’.

Am I right ?

Yes, we will be looking for an Android device as I asume it will be cheaper.

I searched on the net Android device, went to wikipedia, and saw that Android was a mobile operator system. In this page, I clicked on the mobile device page, and looked at this paragraph.
Maybe you will encounter the device you are looking for…

Thank you, Ximun. It definitely has to be one of those types.

I was wondering if anyone in this community has already use any of theese devices, a cheap android device that can support indoor beacon tecnology.

Would this device be compatible?

Smartphone Energy Phone Neo Lite (Protection Kit, 4" IPS, Quad Core, 1 GB, Android™ 5.1, Dual SIM)

It seems that Android 5.1 is enough. But in the Bluetooth side, there is no specification about the version supported. The Bluetooth Low Energy (or Bluetooth Smart) is the 4.0 version.

This post needs verification about the Android version.