Development Cost breakdown

Dear all,

As the project leader of a luxury hotel property I would like to implement beacon technology in the hotel.

We have a basic app (Zuzapp) and were wondering what costs and what measure need to be needed to integrate this technology. We were thinking of integrating around 50-70 beacons (specifically the UWB Estimote beacons) in the hotel in order to attract guest with restaurant, spa promotions but also give them push notifications concerning the history of the property. Moreover, we want to track data analytics and indoor location if possible in order to gather data on popular locations and also be able to calculate the conversion rate.

Moreover, we were wondering what is the usual return on investment of utilizing beacons.

It would be extremely helpful if you could provide us with a cost breakdown of developing this software or how much it would cost (all inclusive) to hire a software developer in order to ameliorate our current app or totally create a new one and integrate all the aforementioned beacon technology.

Thank you so much in advance!

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