Decrease Ranging Interval


Im trying to fetch result from beacon more frequent then a second. I found method “updateRangeLimit” but not able to go beyond 1 second. I have beacon advertising at 100ms as well as updateRangeLimit is set to 1.


updateRangeLimit is for something different:

Sets the limit (500 by default) of beacons to be delivered to the [ESTBeaconManagerDelegate beaconManager:didRangeBeacons:inRegion:] delegate method.

Sadly, there’s no way change the ranging interval on iOS—it comes from the iOS SDK itself (the Core Location framework), and we have no control over that.

Can you help us understand why you’d want it more frequent?

Hi Heypiotr,

Thanks for the quick reply. I wanted to know the distance between the beacon and device more frequently.


I found your another comment while i was searching the web. The function you mentioned in the link is no more available in ESTBeaconManager Class. Is that function deprecated?

Reference Link

It’s been moved to the ESTUtilityManager: startEstimoteBeaconDiscoveryWithUpdateInterval: