Controlling side LEDs

I am trying to stop all the lights in my LTE beacon. So following the documentation I try all the provided tools. I write:

io.setLedColor(1, "#000000");

to make it blink in black


to turn it off
in the mini-app. The lights are still blinking when Bluetooth is connected. Are they blinking only for that or nothing has changed I wonder? Is removing those vampires from the device the only way to save my battery?

Side LED are not user controlled, they are used to indicate system status (like charging, BLE connection, firmware update, diagnostics, etc.).
Bluetooth connection is only used in WebIDE for development purposes only. If you disconnect from beacon, LEDs will go dark. Why do you want to keep device connected all the time to WebIDE?

ah ok, I was worried it will blink when it is not connected as well.Nice to hear that.