Cloud Code not receiving data after sync() call

My device was functioning normally about 12 hours ago, however after a heartbeat occurred at 09:34 local time, while my LTE-M Beacon device still appears to be functioning normally, no new messages appear in the Cloud Event Log window.

I tried re-deploying the same cloud app which produced no new results. The LTE-M Beacon’s power level reports as 97% and I am seeing no indication of any errors on the LTE-M beacon device.

The device I am using has this identifier :

I am wondering if perhaps there is a problem with the device’s SIM card account, or perhaps an issue with the Estimote Cloud service?

I have tested from two different locations which both previously worked with no issue, so I don’t believe this is a location issue - perhaps an issue the LTE-M service provider (AT&T Hologram?).

Here is the output from the Get Operators and Get Modem status API call:

18:19:44] Operators:[{“name”:“313 100”,“status”:“avail”,“type”:“m1”},{“name”:“AT&T”,“status”:“avail”,“type”:“m1”},{“name”:“Verizon”,“status”:“avail”,“type”:“m1”}]

[18:19:46] Status:{“name”:“AT&T Hologram”,“signal”:15,“rssi”:-84,“rsrq”:-10,“rsrp”:-111,“sinr”:2.1999999999999993,“ber”:99,“mcc”:310,“mnc”:410,“lac”:3336,“cell”:205703439,“tech”:“CAT-M1”,“band”:“LTE BAND 12”}

I believe this output means the LTE-M modem is in OK enough communication with the nearest Cell Tower eNodeB, etc.

What other diagnostic steps should / could I take?



My device is successfully communicating with the Estimote cloud again - I’m not sure if any of my actions made a difference, however ‘for the record’ I did try forcing a heartbeat by holding down both the top and side buttons for 10 seconds, then I see a heartbeat did occur, and now the device is contacting the Estimote cloud successfully again.
So I believe we can consider this issue closed.