Can't see my stickers with the demo app

Hey guys,

I’ve just received my nearables and now I’m trying to start learning the framework. Naturally, I went with the first “hello world” type of app that I’ve found here but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Here are the details:
Platform: iOS 9.3
Device: iPhone 6s
SDK: XCode 7.3
Language: Swift 2.0
Estimote framework integration: using Cocoapods

Here is the code:

  • in AppDelegate (changed the values with XXX):

      func application(application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [NSObject: AnyObject]?) -> Bool {
          // Override point for customization after application launch.
          ESTConfig.setupAppID("xxx", andAppToken: "XXX*")
          return true
  • in ViewController (changed the values with XXX)

      import UIKit
      class ViewController: UIViewController, ESTTriggerManagerDelegate {
      let triggerManager = ESTTriggerManager()
      override func viewDidLoad() {
          self.triggerManager.delegate = self
          // add this below:
          let rule1 = ESTOrientationRule.orientationEquals(
              .HorizontalUpsideDown, forNearableType: .Car)
          let rule2 = ESTMotionRule.motionStateEquals(
              true, forNearableIdentifier: "14d70de02e2fc220")
          let trigger = ESTTrigger(rules: [rule1, rule2], identifier: "tom the trigger")
      override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {
          // Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.
      func triggerManager(manager: ESTTriggerManager,
                          triggerChangedState trigger: ESTTrigger) {
          if (trigger.identifier == "tom the trigger" && trigger.state == true) {
              print("Hello, digital world! The physical world has spoken.")
          } else {
              print("Goodnight. <spoken in the voice of a turret from Portal>")

What I have noticed:
1.I first tried with another sticker (the dog) and:

  • first time it didn’t worked
  • tried again (building again the solution) and it worked
  • closed and reopened the app -> it stopped working (aka the messages stopped appearing)

2.Tried with another sticker (the car) and:
-it does not work at all

3.Tried with the Estimote iOS app and:
-the dog sticker stopped appearing on the scanner
-the car sticker appears without a problem

I don’t know how to tackle this situation so any help will be appreciated.

Later edit: now it seems that also the car sticker stopped being detected both by my app and the Estimote app. Further more, the app cannot detect another one (the bike). I have tested on iOS and Android and I get the same outcome. Maybe there’s a hardware issue?

Hmm, maybe the battery somehow got loose in the holder? Can you try firmly pressing on top of the sticker, see if it starts showing up in the Estimote app then?

If this doesn’t help, just send us an email to, and we’ll arrange a replacement for the two stickers.


I’ve pressed on the top of the stickers trying to arrange the battery better but to no avail. It’s clearly a hardware issue because I have tried detecting them with two iPhones and one Android device. Furthermore, I have realised that there’s another one that it’s not detected, and that it wasn’t even removed from the box. I will send a message to the email address that you told me.