Can't change settings in Android app or website

Has something changed since I last used my beacons? Previously I assigned them with URLs using the Android Estimote app. Now I finally have time to use them properly and want to change the name and the URL it won’t let me.

Using the Android app (Devices section) I am logged in and can see my beacons and can make a change and press “Save Name” or “Save URL” but when the screen refreshes the old name and URL are still visible.

Similarly if I log onto I can see my 3 beacons but when I make a change in name or URL I get the following error message when I make a change and press Save Changes:
“Saving settings failed. Please reload the page and try again.”

Is there some sort of new security that has been implemented lately stopping me from making changes to my beacons?

Looks like a bug. You can private-message me your Estimote Cloud email?

Ok, I will do that - trying to see how to send private messages here…

Should be fixed now (: Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Yes, working now - thanks for sorting it out.