Can beacon send time to device?

We’re building a checkin app, have online and offline checkin modes. But we met a problem with checkin offline mode, when users can change their device time and checkin and server cannot detect that.
So I want to asking about beacon can setup a local time, or calling our API to get server time, or something like that, just to get current time and send it to user device after device detected a beacon?

Hah, that’s interesting. There’s no such option at this time, sadly, but Location Beacons have a built-in Real-Time Clock, so I guess we could make that happen. Can’t promise anything though.

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After look around EST sdk, I found that the sdk has ESTSettingsDeviceInfo class, contain device utctime, but when print it return null info. I also detected a beacon by didRangeBeacons, but I dont know how to get its setting.
Can you give me a guide to get this, sorry I’m not good at swift.

Oh that! You will need to connect to your beacon first, it’s described here:

Thanks heypiotr,
I’ve read the document and unfortunately, our beacons are first-generation beacon (currently up to date with hardware revision D3.4, firmware A3.2.0), so we need to use SDK-3.
I also tried to connect to a beacon with ESTBeaconConnection, and realized that my phone can connect to the beacon, but beacon data (is ESTBeaconVO class) always return nil unless my phone connected to the internet. I think SDK need phone online to make authorization to Estimote server.
It also no “utctime” field in ESTBeaconVO class (i found that field existed in ESTSettingsDeviceInfo but dont know how to use it :pensive: )
I researched for a day, to looking for an alternate solution for offline mode on iPhone, but seems no solutions. So can you help me to find out the built-in Real-Time Clock in beacon device (with SDK-3), if it impossible i think i need to remove offline feature out of app :disappointed_relieved:

Oh, D3.4 beacons don’t have a clock, only Location Beacons do.

Oh what a pity, thank you so much.