Build Errors in Example Project

I'm new to iOS development and estimote... so I apologize if this is a completely obvious question. But, I downloaded the Estimote iOS Example zip file from the project github directory and unzipped it to my directory. I open the Examples.xcodeproj file and try to build the project to run it in the Xcode simulator. However, the build fails saying the 'linker command failed with exit code 1'. I also get warnings saying it can't find the directory for the EstimoteSDK. According to the Getting Started Page ( it appears you should just be able to open it up and run it... but I'm running into issues. Can any provide some help as to why this is occurring? Thanks!

Hi Andy,

We are aware of this issue and it will be fixed tomorrow. Sorry for trouble!

Hi, is there any news on this issue being fixed, we are also very keen to get testing with our new iBeacons ;-)


It will be fixed in SDK 2.3.2. I'm not able to give a specific date yet but stay tuned!

I used 2.3.2 and facing the same issue. Am i missing something here?

Nope, it's on us! I just pushed 2.3.2a to GitHub. This fixes the issue, for real! (:

Sorry for that!


I'm facing the same issue on 2.4, please advice...


Can you try doing a full project cleanup ("product > cleanup" from the menu) and remove the DerivedData directory?