Bit Lore Institute of Mobile Technology

iOS App Development Boot Camp!
Path to learning iOS app development

Bit Lore Institute Of Mobile Technology is now in Seattle! If you’ve always wanted to learn iOS development but not sure how or where to begin then here’s how you can start!

We offer two different fully immersive courses to accommodate your schedule. The day course is June 1st - 26th, Monday through Friday 10-5. The evening course is June 4th - 28th, Thursday through Sunday, Thu/Fri 6-9, Sat/Sun 11-6.

The course is taught by industry professionals who have not only been around the block, but developed tested and proven ways of teaching individuals iOS app development.

No programming experience required! We strive to help everyone get to the path of making their app idea reality, start a new career path, or to simply learn something new. In order to ensure the success of that, we will provide resources and guidance before, during and after the course is done to help ensure you can reach your destination.

Spaces are limited, so be sure to start the application process soon! Become an iOS developer and start your new journey!

Feel free to contact us at for specific questions, or visit us at for more detailed information and to apply today!


Cool! Will there be a part devoted to iBeacon? :slight_smile:

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This is how I learned to code and I will ask if iBeacons will be a particular section or project.

I thought it would be helpful bc I get many email with my videos asking how to use the beacons with simple tasks of Obj-C and if they had more knowledge maybe they could take beacons further and encourage more participation!

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