Beacons to track moving Vehicles


Am working on an idea to use beacons in out door locations for vehicle movement tracking, The App will have to sense the beacon and register in cloud.

My questions are, Upto What moving speed an app can pick up the beacon signal please provide mph or KMPH.


Assuming a good-quality receiver, Estimote Beacons’ signal can be detected up to 70 meters away, in an open field, and with a direct line of sight. (Our recently announced updated Location Beacons, available for pre-order and shipping later this month, can do up to 200 meters.)

The most aggressive advertising settings have the beacon broadcast a packet every 100 ms. So theoretical max speed would be 70 meters / 0.1 second = 700 meters per second = 2520 km per hour. :slight_smile:

Please note the theoretical … in practice, assuming a very responsive receiver, you’d likely still need to stay in range of the beacon for at least a second, and maybe even a few seconds. Assuming one second, then we have 70 meters per second = 252 kmph, assuming 5 seconds = 70 meters / 5 seconds = 14 meters per second = 50 kmph.