Confirm range broadcasting "estimote proximity beacons"

Hi all , we are using a developer kit as shown below. We are having problems receiving signals from beacons that are only within 10m back. Can you support us with this issue?

The actual distance is greater than 10m, but the distance in the code when receiving the signal from the beacons is not reflecting properly, and the range to catch the signal is only about 10m back.

This is the actual photo we measured

Hey there! It’s Jess from Estimote.

Any type of signal is going to be dampened by material. It shouldn’t have an issue seeing the beacon, but Bluetooth distance associations can be affected by body of water, and certain materials like steel and metal. If you have perfect line of sight it should be reporting distance very well. If you want more accuracy (at the expense of battery life) I would recommend checking out UWB tech. We have a new UWB devkit that you can read more about here!