Beacon Ranging is not working in some phones

We are using Estimote beacons to with our Android app. Android user comes in range of Beacon, we send app related message to him . This is the way we are using Estimote beacons.

Right now we are using ranging beacons functionality to detect beacon.
This works good on 60-70% phones, but Beacon Ranging is not starting in some phones.
its not working in some models of Motorola,Oppo,MI-xiomi,Coolpad,samsung.

So, here i am writting this mail to you to suggest us why some phones are not detecting beacons. Is there any phone specific issue? Or Estimote beacons are not supported by some phones?

Please assist us with as much as information you can provide for same.

FYI, the Beacon Ranging and Monitoring APIs in are considered obsolete, and do not receive any more updates outside critical bug and security fixes. For best reliability, you should switch to the

You can follow this integration tutorial:

Or, if you want to send notifications, use our ready-made example:

Thanks for the links.

We will share them with our devloper and get back if there is any query.