Beacon protocol

HI, iBeacons and EddyStone are the protocols? Ibeacons Supports only IPhones and EddyStone only Android. ? Can any one explain this …? I am a beginner wanted a clear idea about all these.

I’d recommend this primer on Eddystone (:

Estimote got USB Beacons?

Are Estimote Beacons availabe in India? If no what should I do?

We don’t have USB beacons, but we ship all our other beacons to any country in the world, you can order on our website:

We need the Beacon range to be around 50 meters and should be kids zone safe in terms of radiation. Any radiation issue exists in using Beacons?
Is there any beacon which does 2 way communication and goes beyond just transmitting the ID as in most cases.?

Our beacons are FCC and CE certified, and are completely safe.