Beacon Ping Pong

I’ve got a Beacon app that loads webpages and it’s working. I’ve placed Beacons in different parts of the room. (I know you know what I’m about to say) When I move from one to the other, the app “flashes back” to the Beacon I’ve “exited”. I’ve read the “Tips” and “Keep in Minds”

but I’m not sure how to implement “stop”, “start” in order to mitigate the “Ping Pong” effect I am getting when I move from Beacon to Beacon. Any advice on getting a clean / solid / stable / lasting transition from one Beacon to another?
Thank you!

Hmm, can you tell us a little bit more on what you’re trying to achieve? Should moving from one beacon to another load a different web page? Can you share some snippets of your “didEnter” and “didExit” implementation?