Android Estimote Beacons Keep Exiting and Entering


I am having issues with the android SDK. Right now I have a background service with a BeaconManger that should log when a user enters a region and when a user exits a region.

The events work when I want them to, the problem is they are also triggered when I don't want them to.

For example I have three beacons 1,2,3:

// The user walks into the room
enter 1 11:08
enter 2 11:08
enter 3 11:08
exit 3 11:13
enter 3 11:14
exit 2 11:42
enter 2 11:43

Basically when the user is near the beacons it is exiting the region and re-entering within a minute repeatedly.

In my service I have:

private vars for regions and the beacon manager

onStartCommand triggers a function
- if beaconManger is null create a new beaconManager and start monitoring
- else do nothing

I can post my full code if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Ryan,

Thanks a lot for sharing the solution! Please note that Estimote Beacons have adjustable settings. You might want to lower the advertising interval in this case to improve signal responsiveness. Keep in mind though that this will also impact battery life.


I found the problem so I thought I would share it here.

Bluetooth signals are easily obstructed and thus when a user is actively using the phone (or at least my phone - a nexus 5) it can loose its connection to the beacon. This is probably due to my hand blocking the signal.

Hopefully this helps anyone who is having a similar problem

Thanks, I will try that

Can I confirm the title "Android Estimote Beacons" is correct?
I thought estimote was iOS only (although I would be delighted if there is an Android SDK available)

Hi Jim,

We're here to delight :) You can find our Android SDK o GitHub: