Beacon not found Acer (Iconia One 10, B3-A30 Marshmallow)

We were using estimote beacon in our android app. The beacon sensing was working with the Insignia Tablet(NS-P10A6100, lollipop).

For some reason, now we need to change the device to Acer (Iconia One 10, B3-A30 Marshmallow). This device supports BLE. But strangely in this device our code is unable to sense nearby Beacon ( we have used beacon ranging listener).

Also, it is not throwing any error, so how can we handle it ?

Note - We are using your updated sdk 1.0.3

Hi @Nasim47,

have you used the 1.0.3 with the old device?
There is an open issue related to the 1.0.3 Android SDK version and the beacons with the D3.X hardware version.

Hi, @Ximun,

Yes, I have tested on old device with 1.0.3. It is working fine on old device. only we have faced problem on new device, the Acer one. and we need that Estimote sdk is perfectly working on Acer (Iconia One 10, B3-A30 Marshmallow) Tablet.

And may I know when your next SDK update is coming? Our client is waiting for this.


I’m not from Estimote staff ^^
But what is your beacon hardware version?

Hi, @Ximun,

We are using estimote location beacon Including GPIO and sensors.

OK the “new” beacons ^^
I wondered if it was because your beacons were too old, but it is not.

Thanks @Ximun. But the problem is still not solved. If anyone can suggest any solutions. They are welcome.