Beacon NFC settings

Every time I scan the nfc of my beacons, the Estimote App is starting.

Is there a possibility to have an empty “Android Application Record”?

At the moment it seems to be impossible, cause I get always a message "Package name size should be less than 256 bytes."
I dont want to start any app and Play Store too.
I just want to scan nfc and use the scanned value in my app. My app has its own logic, so I dont need an “Android Application Record”.

Hi @alexander,

I just tried to put an invalid package name, like “a”. It doesn’t open any app’.

But will you be able to use the NFC?

My phone was lagging,

it searches the “a” app’ in the android store :frowning:


And that’s why I dont want to use this feature, I just want to have an nfc value, that I can scan with third party apps.

btw. I can’t read EstimoteNdefMessage from an Estimote Location Beacon (F3.3 revision)

If I use a third-party NFC reader, I can get the NFC value or RFID.

here my code: SettingCallback<EstimoteNdefMessage>() {
    public void onSuccess(EstimoteNdefMessage estimoteNdefMessage) {
        Log.d(TAG, "onSuccess (Nfc)");

    public void onFailure(DeviceConnectionException e) {
        Log.e(TAG, "onFailure (Nfc): ", e);

OnFailure or onSuccess are never invoked.

If I try it with beacon revision F2.3, then onFailure is invoked, because F2.3 haven’t any NFC.

So: how can I read a NFC record?