Inconsistant Ranging


I’m creating an application that waits for a region entry event and then switches to ranging until an exit event is triggered.

My setup is one beacon right next to me, one in another room about 15 metres away through a few walls and another beacon downstairs. So I should be getting the one that is right next to me as the nearest beacon every time but it’s fluctuating. The other two are probably a similar distance away so the fact that they fight for the closest beacon when the one next to me is turned off makes sense.

However when the beacon next to me is switch on it seems to drop out quite regularly (a couple of times each minute) and I feel that really shouldn’t be happening.

Is there any way I can try and smooth out these ranging results?


You could implement some additional filters yourself—e.g., if a beacon disappears from ranging, only consider it “truly gone” if it doesn’t reappear within a few seconds.

What are the broadcasting power and advertising interval settings of your beacons?

Ok sure, makes sense that I’d have to do further filtering.

My settings are Weak Broadcast (-12dB) and 950ms Advertising Interval, I guess these are the default values as I haven’t altered them myself.


You may experiment with bumping the power and decreasing the adv interval for better results too (: