Battery remain measurement

In the demo app a reamain life expectancy measured in days is shown ( . Could you explain somehow how are you calculating this value? I guess is calculated based on latest battery change, power emission... It would be great if it can be exposed in the SDK or if you explain the algorithm, because this is a value that can be very useful for enduser apps (to inform admins that battery should be replaced, for example). I know that the value is approximated but anyways would be very useful.

Hi Diego,

Unfortunately we can't unveil our algorithm. In our SDK we have functions batteryLevel (%) and remainingLifetime (days), you can use them to inform admins about battery life.


Hi, we are using the Estimote Xamarin Component. At least in the Android component I cannot find those functions. In which class are available?

There's a class BeaconConnection.BeaconCharacteristics and getBatteryPercent method which returns battery level in percent.


Thx Witek, that works, although the connection is pretty slow (takes a few seconds to raise the connected event)

From that batterypercent value it is possible to approximately estimate the battery life that remains? (I know if depends of how much is used and many other things, but I have seen this value in some demo)

Thanks in advance

Hi Diego,

A few seconds to connect to the beacon is expected - there's a whole bunch of internal Bluetooth communication happening when establishing a connection to any Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral and it simply takes some time, as Bluetooth LE is optimized for energy consumption at the expense of bandwidth and latency.

As for the battery life estimation based on batteryPercent - like you mentioned, there's a whole lot of other factors to consider and the math is actually quite complex. We do have an appropriate algorithm in place for the iOS SDK already, but as Witek said, I'm afraid we can't disclose it at this time.

Thanks for the quick and detailed answer