Apple Watch and iBeacon

In Recent Apple watch OS 4 beta release Apple mentioned the support for Core Bluetooth and Location manager, but when I see beacon monitoring methods inside beta version also CLBeaconRegion class it is showing that its prohibited in watch OS, any idea whether we can achieve ibeacon Monoriting without CLbeacon class?

iBeacon/CLBeaconRegion is in fact still missing from the watchOS 4.

On iOS, Core Bluetooth excludes any iBeacon data from scanning results, the only way to use iBeacon is via Core Location. We’re yet to test if this is the case on watchOS 4, or given the fact that there’s no iBeacon on Apple Watch, maybe Core Bluetooth can be used to detect the iBeacon packets, unlike on iOS.

And in any case, you can always detect non-iBeacon packets via Core Bluetooth on watchOS 4. For example, Estimote Telemetry, or Eddystone packets.