Apple API Bug...Incorrect Regions and Exits

iBeacon apps will "exitRegion" for short periods of time, and will sometimes incorrectly calculate proximity. We've tested this with multiple beacons and it seems to be a bug in Apple API or a flawed logic behind the scenes.

I documented this here:

Currently, we see the same bugs with the Estimote SDK so we assume you follow the same convention as Apple?

My question is this:

  • Does the Estimote SDK calculate didExit or Proximity in a different way than the Apple API?
  • Have you considered creating 'correction' methods to address these bugs?

Yes, currently our SDK does not change any of the Core Location's proximity or accuracy calculation methods.

We are currently working on better distance calculation methods for our beacons to implement in Estimote SDK.

Thanks - what we thought, and awesome to hear about the work on distance calculation!

The Apple bug - bugs me! I hope they fix it in 7.2