Android SDK 1.0.3 with Android 7.0?

I’m trying to get the latest Android SDK 1.0.3 to work with Android 7.0 on a Galaxy S7. It’s not working and I feel like I must be missing something obvious.

First I installed the simple Notifications example app which uses an older version of the SDK. Beacon enters/exits were detected, notifications received, all good.

Then I followed the advice to migrate to the new released version 1.0.3, including the handy tips from here: After moving to the new coresdk, BeaconRegions etc I was able to get the Notifications example to build and run on device. However I now had NO beacons detected, no notifications.

I made no changes to the Notifications example other than those needed to migrate to the new SDK, so it seems like an apples to apples comparison. I’m stuck and any ideas would be much appreciated.


Hi @gbecker,

maybe are you using old beacons, i.e D3.X?

Yes, D3.4 beacons. Do they not work with latest SDK?

Read the end of the Gituhb issue ^^
They (Pawel :slight_smile:) are working on it!