Android - 404 Not Found when trying to fetch Beacon details

I could to create an app that discovers the beacons around it and gets their information.
I’m working with 4 beacons from the same account. For some reason, only in 3 of them I’m being able to fetch beacon details, such as name and color.
For the 4th beacon, the app is recognizing it, but when I try fetching beacon details, it is returning “404 Not found” error.
Am I missing something here? Should I increase its Major (1) and Minor (2) values?

Hi @cassianomenezes,

it seems to me that the Major and Minor can have the value you want. Are you using the Estimote app’ or are you using the Android Estimote SDK to build your own app’?
Are the beacon of the D3.X version? If so, maybe there is an issue with this version (like this).

Hi, @Ximun.
Thanks for your prompt answer.
Regarding your questions:

  1. I’m using the Android Estimote SDK to build my own app.
  2. I don’t know if they are D3.X. All I know is that the firmware version is 4.9.4 and the hardware version is G1.8. (for all beacons)

I followed the link you sent me. I updated the Estimote SDK to 1.0.3, as it says. But, unfortunately, the problem remains.
As I told before, I’m able to find the beacon, but when I try to get its info from EstimoteCloud, I get that 404 error.
Should I follow any other procedure?


the D3.X version is the hardware version, so you’re OK…
Let’s wait for an Estimote staff member :frowning:

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@heypiotr i am seeing same problem as described above. Can you provide any pointers?