ADSENSE make it work

I try many way to make adsense work but it just do not register view using the here now or the direct url option if semeone made this happen what have you done

my next try is to send to a website use a big entre buton that redirect to the site that have the adsense in it

I think google is blocking this

I believe you mean Nearby Notifications, just for clarity (:

Google has an FAQ which points out why notifications might not be showing up:

I have many impressions 10k+ click but for some reason my adsense do not record it

I have gone to downtown all day over 20,000 peoples
and not a single impression on my adsense accout and website work perfectly

I dont get it estimote cloud the one call

[s8 in stock]


help me Obi - Wan Kenobi you my only hope I got kids to feed I need this to work

the beacon do register a click and impression but the site do not and at same time adsense do not register a view what is the fix for this

i am tring to trick the system by sending peoples to a url then on that url there a big enter buton that send traffic to another url I think adsense will register the view