Accuracy and tracking issues with IndoorSDK and ARKit

I used the Indoor Location app to set up a 4.5m x 3.3m room using 4 beacons. I then followed the Indoor Map and ARKit example projects that come with the Indoor SDK to build my own app that places a 3D object within my location. Everything works but not very well.

Here are 3 questions I have for the community:

  1. How accurate is the visual representation of my location on the cloud and in the Indoor Location app? For example, my beacons appear almost in the corner of the rooms rather than the middle of each wall, which is where they actually are in the real world. And does this affect accuracy?

  2. Location tracking is wildly inaccurate. If I watch the route that gets rendered in the map view the path is all over the place. Even when I’m not moving at all it thinks I’m walking around. It doesn’t seem to accurately know where I am in the room at any point, almost like what is represented in the map is shifted from the actual location.

  3. The 3D object does not stay fixed to one place but instead drifts along as I move. Also, it never shows up in the same place even though I’m using a single location value for it. I would expect it to should up in roughly the same place every time I’m in the room.

Any thoughts, advice, help would be greatly appreciated!