Accessing Telemetry in Windows C#

Can we access the sensor data in Windows Universal App C# using the protocol “Estimote Telemetry”?

PS: i have already used Eddystone tlm in Windows to get the temperature data, but i need also the others sensors that the Estimote Beacons provide for my use case.

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Yes you can! (:

I guess follow the same steps you used for Eddystone-TLM, and here’s how to parse the Estimote Telemetry packet:

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Thanks for the reply I have already used it :smiley:

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Is there some motion threshold that changes the “motion state” indicator in the telemetry packet? In other words, does just bumping the beacon or perhaps having it in a shirt pocket while sitting at a desk cause it to indicate “in motion”?

// byte 15, lower 2 bits
// 0b00 ("0") when not moving, 0b01 ("1") when moving
var isMoving = (data.readUInt8(15) & 0b00000011) == 1;