20 regions limit


I am new to Estimote/Beacons and I have a qustion regarding to the 20 regions limit in iOS.

Background: We want to use beacons in more then 500 busses. When a user enters the bus, the iPhone should show the “suggest app” icon on the lock screen so the user can easily start our app with his digital busticket and show the ticket to the busdriver so he may ride with the bus.

As far as I read the forums there is this 20 region limit in iOS where each reagion is definied with UUID, UUID + Major or UUID + Major + Minor. With other words, there is always the UUID involved. This means we have to use Estimote Beacons and give them all the same UUID and different Major/Minor values to distinguish them.
It is impossible to do that with stickers, since they have different UUIDs by default which are not modifyable.
Is this correct?

So we could buy 500 Beacons and implement the described usecase or am I missing something?

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Yup, should be perfectly doable if you assign the same UUID to all your beacons, and monitor for that UUID. You’ll only “use up” a single region from the 20-region pool, but it’ll work for all 500 beacons.

And correct, that’d be impossible to do for stickers, since you can’t change their UUID yet, and the UUID is different for each sticker.

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Thank you for your confirmation!