Why ESTBeaconManager conform to the CLLocationManagerDelegate protocol

Hi, I am new to iOS development, I am confused why the ESTBeaconManager class conforms to the CLLocationManagerDelegate protocol, while implementing none of the protocol's methods.

The Estimote SDK is partly based on Apple's Core Location API, to power its ranging and beacon region monitoring features. The SDK builds on top of that to add some additional features, like an option to filter out "unknown state" beacons (avoidUnknownStateBeacons) or to merge ranging results from multiple regions into a single didRangeBeaconsInRegion callback (returnAllRangedBeaconsAtOnce) etc. It also adds integration with Estimote Cloud, e.g. to download additional beacon properties (like color) from the Cloud.

All in all, ESTBeaconManager conforming to CLLocationManagerDelegate is an implementation detail and you don't need to worry about it to use the SDK.