Where to get current Android SDK releases?

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Looking at the CHANGELOG I can see that the latest release is 1.0.10 (from today!) with many prior to that, however I can only find 1.0.3 published out to public repositories. Where are the newer versions published, or where can we download a release SDK build from?


(A quick note… in the release notes for manual installation it says:

  1. Create libs directory inside your project and copy there estimote-sdk.aar.

This destination does not exist… and as I noted, nothing else above 1.0.3 is visible in public repositories.)

Hello @pauld!

Please notice that since version 1.0.4 we got rid of the :release@aar postfix in gradle configuration. Please use compile 'com.estimote:sdk:1.0.10' from now on. In addition we have dropped the support for binary (.aar) files in our Github repository - the only way to download our SDK is through gradle/maven via jcenter.
Anyway thanks for reporting that - we need to update our docs.


Ok sounds good, yeah a documentation update would be good.

Also I noticed in the change log that 1.0.11 was out, so I’m assuming using that is reasonable.


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Hey @paweldylag,

as @pauld said, the 1.0.11 version is available, but the CHANGELOG.md file is not very explicit :frowning:
Can we have more information?

Hey @Ximun

Some minor fixes in our internal implementation. No API behaviour changed - so don’t worry :slight_smile:

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