When changed UUID , MAJOR and MINOR the beacon doenst assume the changes

Hi guys,

Im working with just one Estimote beacon. I made some changes like generate new UUID , MAJOR and MINOR directly from estimote app and when running my own app in a device it just intersect the beacon with the old UUID, MAJOR and MINOR data…

It always has the following config:
UUID: E1F54E02-1E23-44E0-9C3D-512EB56ADEC9
Major: 100
Minor: 100

Can somebody help me please?


Followed this sample of code: http://developer.estimote.com/android/tutorial/part-2-background-monitoring/

And just changed to : beaconManager.connect(new BeaconManager.ServiceReadyCallback() { @Override public void onServiceReady() { beaconManager.startMonitoring(new BeaconRegion( "monitored region",null, null, null)); } });

and then tested with different Estimote beacons… it always intersect the same with:

  • UUID: E1F54E02-1E23-44E0-9C3D-512EB56ADEC9
  • Major: 100
  • Minor: 100

Had not enabled IBeacon… That why was not assuming the config changes.~
Thanks anyway, its solved :slight_smile: