What is the difference MonitoringListener and RangingListener

following the example of the demo project, I created my project. and I do not understand the difference between MonitoringListener and RangingListener. I realized both and they work the same way. When I get to the radius beacon, the listener is triggered in which I perform any task. for example output the log.I need to do the following: a large room at different angles is one beacon. when I go to one closer than 3 meters, to receive a notice describing beacon. What do I use for this, and how do I set the range beacon?

Hi Pavel,

Monitoring and ranging and two ways of detecting beacons. The first one is for checking whether you're in range or not, and the second one allows you to find out how far you are from a beacon if you're in range. It's described in more detail here: https://community.estimote.com/hc/en-us/articles/203356607-What-are-region-Monitoring-and-Ranging-

As for adjusting signal's range, you can do it in Estimote app, after connecting to a beacon, or through Estimote Cloud. 'Broadcasting power' is the value corresponding with range (the more power, the longer range).


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