What is the coordinate system is it local/Geo referenced?

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Good Morning, I want to buy estimote beacons, but before that I want to know what type of coordinates that we can get, I have read in the documentation that we will receiving the local coordinates. What is the coordinate system. Is there any way to map the output coordinates to
WGS system.

Please reply soon. then only I can take the decision to buy the beacons.

On the very lowest level, beacons themselves don’t understand any coordinate system: they don’t have GPS, and thus they don’t know their position. You can manually tag the GPS coordinates of your beacons in Estimote Cloud, and then if you’re in range of the beacon, you can know that you’re roughly at that coordinate.

We also have technology called Indoor Location (sadly, available only on iOS at this moment) which can use multiple beacons placed on the walls and columns to compute your (x,y) position inside an indoor space. These coordinates are relative to the space and are in metric meters, but with some simply math (and knowing the GPS coordinates of, e.g., the center of the space), you can translate that into, e.g., lat/long.

Thank you very much for your fastest response.

I have one more doubt.how to convert that x,y values to GPS coordinates(lat/long)?

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Hello santhi, what are you trying to accomplish, are you using it as a location system or just fine me on the map or something?