UWB Beacons iBeacon Packet

Do the UWB beacons also broadcast iBeacon packets? If so, I don’t see a place to configure the packet in Estimote cloud.

no… they only have a proprietary UUID accessed by the UWB SDK

only config in estimote cloud is to add tags for arbitrary data that your app could pull using cloud apis.

Hey Guys,

great news, we do have a firmware version for UWB Beacons which supports both UWB ranging as well as iBeacon advertising. There is Estimote Configuration Service which enables turning on/off iBeacon and/or changing UUID / Major / Minor.

Shoot us an email and we will get you the latest SDK version for testing.
Please it might require UWB Beacons firmware update over the air.

cool… might mention, only UWB beacons after December? 2022 support OTA firmware update

mine from September do not

That is good to hear.

Could someone respond to my email about this? I’ve sent a few follow up emails to you and someone named Anna with no response.