Using QR-Codes to make dead Stickers useful

Wouldn’t it be great if Stickers’ identifiers were printed as a QR-Code directly on to the Sticker?

This would make Stickers useful even when they are dead (which most will be after a while, given the finite battery life) as they would still identify their attached nearable object even when the battery has run out. This would also facilitate the replacement of the sticker as the old id could easily be replaced by the new id in any stored data about the real-world object. This is otherwise impossible unless you have another way of identifying the object.

Also imagine trying to set up a Sticker in an environment where dozens of Stickers are present. Which of the myriad ids that I can see belongs to my Sticker? You could scan the QR code to identify the correct Sticker with certainty.

It would also be great if the batteries were replaceable, also making every Sticker much more useful. After all, they are just watch batteries (CR2020 3V) which retail for about 1€ each.

What do other people think?