Unrecognized selector sent to instance (initRegionWithIdentifier)

I decided to switch from manually installing the Estimote SDK to doing so with cocoapods. After installing it with cocoa, I receive the following error.

NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '-[ESTBeaconRegion initRegionWithIdentifier:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x17332200'

The exact same code worked before.
Any idea why initRegionWithIdentifier is not recognized?



Please make sure that content of the pod file (file needed for cocoa pods) relates to the latest SDK version.


Hi Max,

Our mobile team is looking into that, will keep you posted.


Thank you Wojtek!

Meanwhile, could you upload the code that is supposed to be in the region(ish) .h file in the EstimoteSDK so that I can compare with what I got through Cooapods?

Cocoapods downloads version 1.3. Is that the version I should use?

I am seeing this issue, after setting up with CocoaPods tonight. I have also tried setting up manually, and received the same error. Is this code still valid?

Hi Aaron,

Are you installing the SDK version 2.0?


My podfile reads:
pod 'EstimoteSDK', '~> 2.0.1'
And I just downloaded the latest SDK from git, so I believe so.

I see no declaration of initRegionWithIdentifier in ESTBeaconRegion.h

Is there a direct link to the 2.0 version?

Hi there,

I aksed our devs to investigate what might be causing the issue, will get back to you shortly!


Hi again,

Method initRegionWithIdentifier was removed from ESTBeaconRegion when Estimote allowed Proximity UUID value to be changed. You should use initWithProximityUUID:identifier: method instead.


Ok, thanks. You may want to update your online docs / examples to be more current then, since they all reference that.

Thanks for following up

Hi Aaron,

Yep, we're gonna do that soon, thanks! And sorry for the confusion :)


Any idea when this will get updated?

Started going thru the tutorials and e.g. both:


still talk about initRegionWithIdentifier - as a new starter to the SDK - a little unsure what NSUUID to use for the equivalent to initRegionWithIdentifier:@"EstimoteSampleRegion" when switching to initWithProximityUUID methods

Hey Chris—soon! (:

We actually have some exciting updates on the way when it comes to our tech resources & documentation, so stay tuned!