Unknown Proximity

Our IOS app is using several beacons specifically focused on the ranging aspect of the beacons, the proximity of our devices to a beacon (far, near, immediate).
I’ve noticed a lot of “unknown proximity” readings from the beacons instead of a far/near/immediate readings, especially when I move the device very close (immediate) to a beacon.

I’d like to get some help to understand why this is occurring.



Could you please provide us with:

  • iOS device models you’re experiencing the problem with
  • iOS versions
  • beacon settings: advertising interval, broadcasting power, power modes
  • battery level
  • environment in which the issue manifests itself: any potential sources of interference etc.
  • does minimizing Bluetooth usage by other apps help?
  • does unpairing any wireless headsets, fitness trackers and other Bluetooth devices from the phone help?

It’s usually when iOS can’t exactly figure out which zone the beacon’s in. Can you try lowering the advertising interval and re-testing? The lower the interval, the more “pings” the beacon sends to the device, the higher the iOS’s confidence in the beacon’s position.