Trigger an event to two meters away from the beacon


I am using the estimote sdk to carry out my end of degree project with ibeacons, but i’m having problems.

based on the code of this basic event… (

I want to trigger the event of showing a notification with the method " public void onEnteredRegion(BeaconRegion region, List beacons) { … "


I have been testing and it always shows me the notification regardless of how far my beacon is, I imagine there is a default limit and I want to change that limit to two meters.

how can I do it?

Thanks in advance, I would like to find a simple solution using the simple code example of the link tutorial (

This is not how it works.

You will receive a enteredRegion event whenever your beacon’s region (one beacon with the correct UUIS) has been detected… But far away. That is, " Hello, you are “entering” a region managed by my beacons".

Only then will you check the didRangeBeacon event.

You will then trap the didrangebeacon event in order to get the estimate of the distance between the user and the beacon, there is a field for that, telling you in meters, the ESTIMATED distance.

Now, this distance is not precise, and will greatly change depending on the environment it is in.

If your goal is to detect the proper social distancing distance, it wont really work, it will at time triggers when your 1.5 meters away and sometime when you are 4 meters away.

You need to carefully calibrate the distance you read vs the real distance depending on various factors (walls construction, rf around and so on). This can be done when the beacon is stationnery and in a well know environment.

But, even then, the type of phone may induce some error factors also.

Good luck!